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Hinduism, as told by dmattwads Empty Hinduism, as told by dmattwads

Post by Die Hard Trojan Von Nut on Wed May 29, 2013 8:52 pm

Actually I am in the process of overthrowing "the system". My generals Samatha and Vipassana are currently doing reconnaissance and planning strategy against the enemy called "false self".

False self is a difficult and cunning opponent because his generals are conditioning and delusion. But though the campaign is difficult and slow progress is being made on the awakening front.

Conditioning and delusion are masters of camouflage and help false self to perform nasty sneak attacks which cause my kingdom great desire and then suffering, but Samatha is very cunning and sits very still for long periods of time until he can see through conditioning and delusions camouflage. Once Samatha has spotted the opponent then he gets on the radio and calls in an airstrike to Vipassana.

Vipassana flies in on his plane "loving-kindness and compassion 1" and challenges conditioning and delusion to a stare down duel. At first conditioning and delusion just laugh at Vipassana and tell him that they are not going anywhere, but Vipassana is also very patient and just keeps staring at his opponent. Then just when it seems like conditioning and delusion will never give up Vipassana shoots his penetrating insight ray out of his eyes and conditioning and delusion dissolve.

Of course a battle is then won but there isn't time for too much celebration because "false self" has many generals named conditioning and delusion and each one has a slightly different uniform. So Samatha goes back into action to find them too. But I hope to one day finally totally over throw the system and achieve ultimate victory and enter the land of Nirvana.

The End -_-

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